At SSI Foods, LLC, we are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality hamburger products.

As a beef patty manufacturing company located in Amarillo, Texas, we focus on supplying the needs of our quick service and casual dining customers. Our management team has a long history in the foodservice industry and has used this experience to design a plant that provides a safe manufacturing environment utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and automation.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality products that are manufactured utilizing advanced technologies to benefit foodservice.

We are focused on meeting our customer expectations by delivering delicious products that are compliant to all regulatory requirements and utilizing strict food safety and quality standards.

Through our years of experience, we recognize the partnerships we develop with our customers and employee well-being, emphasizing transparency, and creating a culture of success.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the safest, most delicious hamburger products that meet customer specifications.

  • Employee Safety – From plant design to management commitment, we work with employees to establish and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Food Safety is critical, starting with our culture. Every employee is part of the food safety team as they are immersed with the knowledge and responsibility to advocate food safety. We took these principals and applied them to the selection of our suppliers, facility design and the technology we are incorporating – all to drive our food safety culture.
  • Transparency – We do this by maintaining a culture of transparency to encourage partnership and trust to build strong business and employee relationships.
  • Service – At SSI Foods, our customers come first. We have trained people and developed systems to support this commitment.

Our Plant Technology

  • SSI will utilize the latest batch blending technology, providing increased accuracy of our blends with minimal or no need to make adjustments.
  • Dixie Grinders incorporating the latest technology in foreign material removal and bone elimination systems.
  • Four patty processing lines with Tomahawk TM26 patty formers.
  • Expansion capability to six lines.
  • Impingement mechanical freezing.
  • Automated case packing.
  • Automated palletizing.
  • Computer managed freezer.